Sunday, November 20, 2016

Finishing on Friday & on Sunday, too

It is the end of the week again and not much to show for the time.  Still working on the baby quilt; made a BIG error and have to do some difficult tearing out & a re-do.  It is now quite cold & freezing for 2 nights.  Will have to button up the berries & rose whether they are "leaf-free" or not.  

I plan to put a plastic tent on the berries today to see if I can get them to dry out some before putting straw on them.  I want to avoid mold.  I have to move the cold frame before I do the rose as the cover will not fit if I don't do that.  I had wanted to move the frame anyway as it is hard to reach as it is in the big tire. 

Today is Wool Gatherers "Stash Bash" where we try to thin down our stash of fiber/yarn/tools, etc by trading/selling/giving away to our fellow members.  

Image result for smiley emojiSometimes I am successful in that endeavor and sometimes I fail, although I have never brought back more than I arrived with.  

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