Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Terrific Tuesday

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Still cold here, but no new snow.  
I put the heat lamp out in the chicken house for the girls.  
It's pretty cold out to be living your life in a coop with no heat.

I'm working on the goals for the year: more down-sizing & it's working; I took 3 bags to the thrift store.  And when I take things to the thrift store they ARE ALL still very much useful.  I really hate that some folks use the thrift for a dumping site !

In the crafting department I am focusing on using that which I already have in the stash(es) !  
Image result for smiley emojiI worked a bit more on the paper piecing project that I starte on the #BDSI - it is using some patterns I've had for over 15 years!  I have three block patterns: one teapot & two teacups.  I have almost all of the parts of the teapot on the PP paper; then will sew together the parts to make the whole pot.  
I plan to make a wall hanging to give away.  The original pattern had more teacups, but someone gifted me the ones I have and since they are so old there is no way to get the other cups. 

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