Wednesday, May 24, 2017

And a good Wednesday to you all

It is sunny for the third day in a row!!! 😂

I got some of the veggie starts into the ground and some of my flowers are now in pots out front.

And, I plan to get more out there.  I see some of the beans in the little pots are poking their heads out so we might get some of them, too.
The wind is blowing hard today and my little peas are being tossed about and knocked off their trellis.  The are too small to have had a good tight hold.
And we are further blessed by the fact that there were those 2-3 days of interspersed sunshine during the rain-rain-rain. The cherry, plums & pears have little baby fruits set on 😍 so there will be some fruit this year.  The apple is blooming now so it most likely will set some too due to the warm sunny days right now.

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