Sunday, May 07, 2017

Satisfactory (VERY) Sunday


I was able to figure out how to repair my wheelbarrow.  It took some planning, some pipe strapping & nuts and bolts, and a lot of work, but we're "back in business".  

I planted a couple of rows of potatoes using the starts that had been in the frig so they were not sprouting yet. The sprouted ones are in peat pots and I am waiting for all of them to come out of the soil before planting them too.  

The peas are doing well and I have beets & carrots up in peat planters.  The first sown need to be thinned and I got the second flat sown today.  I got a few lettuce plants at the farmer's market, planted them in the cold frame, and plan to put more seeds in some pots, too.  I also want to start some more kohlrabi.  The few I started are in the garden in front of the peas, but I think slugs have gotten some of them.  Guess it's time to get out the slug bait.

The fruit trees are blooming, but with all of that horrible rain the last couple of days I'm not sure if they will set anything.  Remains to be seen, I guess.

I started the first shawl in the Shawl Society II using a couple of colors of fingering weight yarn and some transluscent pale pink beads.  I'm only about 5% into the shawl.  That is one of the great things about HellsBells' patterns; she has the percent of completion in the patterns, plus there are written & charted directions.  A great pattern.  

Fairyhill Shawl     by Helen Stewart   


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