Saturday, June 04, 2022

June 4, 2022

 And we have yet more rain.  It seems as if we shall have an over abundance of this blessing this spring.  I was afraid we’d have no fruit on the trees, but apparently during the few dry days the miracle bees did work.  There are baby pears and plums on the trees πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’•πŸ‘πŸΌ.

Next weekend the mister and I will go over to Winthrop to meet some of the sibs & families for a reunion.  It’ll be the first since the parental units have been gone.  Bittersweet to say the least, and some will not be able to come; the #3 sister because of her ongoing chemotherapy and the #2 sister because the #2 would have been her ride.  Only a limited part of my extended family will be able to make it also.  But, it will be good to see the ones who can come as have not seen in long time.

There is spinach, peas, a few coles and the alliums in the gardens as well as “volunteer potatoes”, but have just now planted carrots & beets because of the cold & rain.  I don’t even know if we’ll be able to do corn.  I’d planned no beans or squashes as have plenty in the pantry & freezer, so there is no loss there.  And we may or may not get berries; the strawberries are blooming but more rain will make them rot and I had to plant new raspberry canes this year so no berries until next year.  I did get a new rhubarb root/plant from the DD so will have some next year.  

I’m working on many different fiber/fabric projects: new nightgown, socks for several people, spinning some yarn, quilts, and the always on-going various toys for the G-grand or other children.

A good life all-in-all I believe, even with some of the really bad things here and in rest of the world.  My spiritual side is always in πŸ™ for a better future.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

May 11, 2022

 A long lapse while I was sick-not the dreaded “rona”, but some long lasting crud that laid me low for some time.  It sapped all of my energy and Iwas hard pressed to keep the home front going.  So, not much else but absolutely necessary jobs was done.  

It is finally spring with just a few “freezers” sneaking in.  I’ve started to put a few seeds in gardens and am now anticipating putting in the onion starts & the peas (if I can get the mister to do a little roti-tilling).  

I’ve finished a chemo cap for my #3 sister and a nice warm wrap for her that joins the quilt I sent off.  Unfortunately she is already losing hair so I have to get more caps done asap.

Not much else going here as the mister is still working til end of May.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

April 28, 2022

 Hurrah, I believe it may actually be spring here.  We've had some warmer weather and just a few early morning frosts.  I put out some kohlrabi starts and plan to try to plant some other seeds this weekend.

I'm not feeling too well, though now as the mister brought home some bug that he got from work.  It's not the dreaded "vid", but is debilitating none-the-less. 

I'm working on the chemo caps for my youngest sister and a nice warm wrap for her, too.  I pray every day that she beats this cancer.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

April 21, 2022

 I have been remiss in writing in this blog.  I do better in my private journal, writing a bit, at least, each day.  Spring may be finally here as the last of the snow is gone from our yards and nearly gone from the high hills here on the Palouse.  I'm eager, in spirit anyway, to get out to do the spring work in the yard and gardens.  I'm hoping all of the plants have survived.  

My mind has been elsewhere so I have not been doing too much around home but to keep things on an even keel.  My #3 sister, the youngest, was recently diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the lungs and cervix.  We are not sure where in the world this has come from, but fear our "shitty gene pool", what with all of the other auto-immune problems and the poor immune systems we seem to have inherited from our "fores".  She has already started chemo-therapy, but it's going to be a rough road.  As the now matriarch of this family I am faced with having to reassure everyone and not just her.  No mom or dad to talk to means one goes to the next best.  We all are trying to help, but there is little we can do but provide support, whether emotional of physical. 

Well, it's a sad situation all the way 'round, but today I'm off to watch our     G-grand play soccer.  She enjoys the game even if their team has not won a game yet.  We're hoping that one of these times they will get that satisfaction.  Surely not all of the teams are composed of "super star" young athletes.

Monday, April 11, 2022

April 11, 2022

 And so much for Spring 😒😒😒it has been snowing for 2 days now.  Yesterday we got ~2", but it melted by end of day.  However, Mother Nature has decided we need to be reminded she is in power now as we have had snow all day and have something over 3" now.  I fear for my tender plants that I uncovered when it was so warm.  I think the roses and the lavender will be Ok, but the poor Cascade berries just do not do well with east-side cold weather.  

To add to depressing day is the payment for our homeowner's insurance; it has gone up by a couple hundred dollars per year πŸ˜’πŸ˜’.  Here, one's home gets older one would think that it would be worth less (probably is) but OH NO! not in our inflationary times.  Insurance, bah!!!, all a big swindle anyway-a gamble that only insurance companies win.

I entered some quilts in our local group's show this last weekend and found they were received well by the viewers, even if I won no awards.  I worked at the show in several capacities, on of which was walking around answering questions and keeping an eye on the quilts.  I overheard comments on some of my work and they were positive-makes one feel good, above and beyond the joy of making them.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

April 7, 2022

 A beautiful day today!  I went out to my friend's farm to see the baby goats.  I miss having the babies in the spring, but not all of the work to have livestock.  The chickens will do for me, LOL.  I put onion seed into a flat and have it on the germination mat.  I added a few kohlrabi seed, too.  I hope to get out during next week to put in some early spinach and more kohlrabi & a bit of kale.  The garlic and shallots are coming up even with some frosts still in the early morning before dawn.  The hard work of keeping up with the chores outside is rapidly approaching.  

Tomorrow, I go to enter my quilts in our quilt show and on Saturday & Sunday I will be working at the show with other members of our quilting group.  It is always a beautiful show and what with last year's shut out-COVID inspired-many folks are looking to see the lovely work.

Monday, April 04, 2022

April 4, 2022

 I am having a time with the keyboard or perhaps the computer itself.  I really do not want to have to get a new one πŸ˜’

Just returned from Spring Quilt Camp.  We had a good time and I got quite a bit done, but the really best thing is the time to unwind and be away from the cares of home.  I have a couple of things to enter in the Quilt Show next weekend, too.  If I can remember I shall put in some photos.

It's raining today so now outside work, but I do need to get the onions started.  I keep forgetting to do it and it could get too late for it quickly.  The lettuce that germinated in the cold frame is going "great guns", so we should have salad fixin' s soon.  I want to get in some spinach soon, too as it heats up around here early.  Supposed to get some raspberry plants today, too, so will have to get them in right away.  

Friday, March 18, 2022

March 18, 2020

 It's the day after St. Patrick's Day and still pretty cool out there.  Although we've had some fairly warm days one can't depend on the Palouse to keep it up for a bit yet.  I'm itching to work out in the garden, etc. but shall have to restrict myself to clean up.  I think, however, I can put some lettuce into the cold frame.

Things are pretty much the same around here; we don't go out much yet.  The mister goes to work and I stay at home and be a homemaker.  I get things done in the craft area but I am tired a lot (thanks old age) and don't get as much done as I would wish.  On the other hand, as my mum would have said "consider the alternative" and I'm not ready for that yet.

I'm nearly finished with a CASA quilt and plan to do some more of them as I don't have to find a place or recipient myself.  I'm trying to convince the DD to start back up on some cross stitch so she'll have something to take her mind off her stress.  Not too much luck so far.

The #2 GS is causing her a lot of worry as although he has a job he doesn't get that he has to help pay for his expenses.  Although yesterday she said he is considering getting on to going to college.  I hope so!

I'm going to try to make some reservations for camping today so we may actually be able to get some in.  After last year of not finding any room and only getting to go 2 times 😒😒.

OK, journey on and be yourself!

Monday, February 28, 2022

February 28. 2022

 And it's the last of February; still cold, although it has started raining so mayhap the snow will be gone soon.  When I went shopping Saturday I was surprised to see that although we still had snow, there was almost nothing in Moscow and very little in Pullman.  I'll be glad to see it go. 

Tonight is our local book club and we are actually meeting in person!  It' been a long time.  I hope the pandemic is over soon so that life can become more normal.  Although that is a misnomer as now we deal with the prospect of war from Russia's megalomaniac Putin as he invades Ukraine and perhaps beyond.  A quite frightening time - as if the world was not already bad off.

I got the challenge quilt done, but it's not my best work.  I had to rip out some of the quilting to see if I could make it look better and not warp the quilt itself.  I also finished an old UFO of a quilted pillow top.  I'll need to get some photos in here.

OK, enough for today, it's back to that ever on-going project to organize and down-size.

Monday, February 21, 2022

February 21, 2022

 The mister took me to Portland this long weekend so I could visit the gravesite of my folks.  It is a long and tiring trip, but I was glad to be able to do it.  Last I knew we were not supposed to put flowers on grave so I didn't bring anything.  However, AA said that they allow them during holidays and that they have to be real ones.  I was going to bring a rock to put on there anyway, but forgot.  Next time for sure, flowers and a ROCK!

It started snowing again here today; I hope it does not last.  I'm ready for some spring, although I know this is the Palouse and it's going to be a bit.  I'm ready to get my gardening going.

The "chooks" are OK, but "stoner", the Polish topknot one decided to take a long walk last week and we were lucky enough to have someone find her.  I hope she figures that it is better to stay here.  She has not started laying yet either, so am not sure why as the other young ladies are giving us eggs.  The old ladies are obviously taking a break as we get none from them.

drMolly, the BeanQueen