Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More for today

My goodness but it's cold outside! While I'm walking back & forth between my greenhouses & labs I'm wearing my coat, scarf & gloves and I'm still cold - probably partly due to the fact that I AM tired & due to the humidity being quite high for over here on the "dry side".

Well, I've found another great free pattern - this time from a note on Lime & Violet's Chum - a "scrubbie" from Sylver Designs ("the Super Duper Kitchen Sponge"). I'm going to make some :~).
And, here is a picture of the finished socks for my dad's Christmas gift. The photography is bad, but since I've already sent them off I can't get a better one. I apologize for not looking at the pics before sending, LOL.
Then I forgot to take a picture of the latest dishcloth before I sent it off, too. Trust my "rememberer" to forget to work when I need it.

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