Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good morning All!

Life is good! It is so nice to have the warmer weather back - flowers are perfuming the air - I love, love, love how wonderful is smells - the locust trees are in full bloom & the air is so sweet. Bees love them, of course, and are buzzing around. It is good to hear them as I worry much about the poor things & all their disease/parasite problems. I know people don't realize how important they are to our food supply & I happen to be allergic to stings, but I got some Mason bees for our orchard - they are stingless, but great pollinators. And once you have them it is pretty easy to keep them going for your orchard.
We have had lettuces, spinach, and bokchoy from our garden - it's always so good to start getting FRESH veggies.
And some of the strawberries are starting to change color, AND I put the netting on them so birds don't get them before we do, LOL.
I've been getting in a little bit of cycling, but sometimes "the Postman" has to work overtime and since we ride together I get home too late to do it. As he said, "it's a choice of do a little bit of work at home or go riding". We have to trade off, and do try to guess about the weather so we can do the housework when it's wet or such.
We have gone to see some homes on acreage as we have talked about getting a small farm when we retire. We don't know if it will work out, so we still improve our little "homestead" here. I am still looking forward to figuring out how to do chickens on the 'stead, too. It will be a fairly large project as I have to determine how to have a house, plus a way to move them around to maximise the benefit of having "chickies" to "work" in the gardens & in the yard. It will be really good to have eggs.
I was able to arrange to get some chickens and a rabbit for meat at our local farmer's market. It is so nice to be able to get some farm grown, fresh meat that has been raised organically. I am aware that some people wouldn't know what to do with rabbit, but we've had experience & look forward to this treat.
"The Postman" has been working on his compost bins - yup, he took over the composting job - boy was I surprised, but hey! I'm glad to have it. I'll make a gardener of him yet, LOL.

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