Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesdays are sometimes rough

Woke up this AM with migraine - took Rx - but it wasn't until 9:30 AM that it was finally gone - and then I'm always so tired that I don't function well all day. Off from work & just "lazing" today.
It was 32ºF this morning @ 5:15 when we arose!!!! It's a good thing we went out and covered the delicate plants last evening. When I took the row cover off everything was OK. I called "the Postman" to let him know, and suggested we get some more PVC pipes & just make the whole garden bed into a temp greenhouse. He agreed! this weather is so hard to figure out.
I saw there were more strawberries to pick when I was out there, too. I'll try to get them sometime this week so there may be enough to make some more shortcake - YUM YUM!!
It is sunny & breezy today. I am going to just do some catch-up around here for today - and am finishing Oxtail Barley soup for supper. I'm going to serve it with some "homemade" lettuce salad and some 8 grain rolls.

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