Monday, October 19, 2009

Back home..........just in time to leave again.

Back from fun times a Quilt Camp, but next week I have to go to Ft. Collins, CO for "bean meetings" - these are held every year, either at end of October or beginning of February in odd numbered years; the schedule is quite confusing, but there are valid reasons for such - REALLY - LOL!
I had a wonderful time at our retreat, got lots of sewing in, plus some knitting, too. The best part, however, is the fact that we don't have to cook or clean-up after meals. The only thing we have to do is clean up our sewing area right before we leave. It's just a super-nice time to do whatever one wishes to do. It gives one a chance to release lots of stress.
Rosevale, tales of drM & PO patter: of course there's nothing to relate here as I was gone, but the household was held together by "the Postman" & he worked every day.

hobbies: Before I left - over the weekend - I finished the Woman's Texture Sleeveless Pullover 'a la drMolly' - you can read about my modifications of the pattern on my Ravelry project page. And here is a picture "the Postman" took this morning when I wore it to work today:

I finished up some SFS regulation OD socks, and when I got home there was a pair of OD 'legs' in the mail for me to attach some feet & I'll have another pair done - "lickety split". I started some "vanilla socks" with KnitPicks Felici yarn, Arugula colorway. I also got a bit more done on the "Bob sweater"- I'm altering this pattern, too, by starting the sleeves & then adding them to the body so the whole thing is finished with no seaming, but a tiny bit on the underarms & short arm seams.

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