Friday, October 23, 2009

Rain & cool / cold

It's down to the rainy - cold part of the autumn now, but one never knows when it is time to carry that raingear. I'm almost ready to go to my "bean meetings". 'the Postman' & I were talking last night about how it is no fun anymore to fly places due to the crowding, the over-booking, the no food on flights & the just general hassle of airline traveling. Plus, I always have to carry along my own pillow so I can get SOME sleep away from home - in a hotel it's a choice of either flat (no pillow) or their overstuffed monstrosities that give one a sore neck if one tries to sleep on them. It's a pain in the patoot to have to carry that thing with me, along with my computer & my carry-on bag - I feel like a pack animal at times.
Rosevale: tried to dry some laundry on the outdoor clothes line this week - it was a no go as the rain kept coming at intervals to dis-allow drying. I finally had to put them in the dryer. It's back to doing laundry in small loads & putting things on the 2 wooden clothes racks that fit in the spare room.
tales of drM: finished up the virus testing of samples made during the last week when I was gone. I've put all rest on hold until I get back from next week's trip. The lights are all here, so just waiting for the contractor to get started on our new system.
PO patter: it's same old, same old, with somewhat lessening of the load, but still some overtime. 'tP' "gives" away some of the route at times so does get off from work closer to regular hours, though.
hobbies, hobbies: the 'Bob sweater' is coming along - almost done - but I am having a serious doubt that it will not be the right size, not too small, but too BIG - which will mean I'll have to frog it and start over. I finished the SFS socks
and started on the legs I got from another member who makes them on her knitting machine. I am also working on dishcloths for Christmas gifts & a pair of green vanilla socks for me.
'tP' thinks his bowling is improving as he feels he is more consistant in the scores he gets. I just like the fact that he enjoys himself each time he gets to the alley.

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