Monday, November 02, 2009

Back on the job

It's November 2nd & I'm back in the office / Lab / GH. The Bean Improvement Cooperative meetings were quite informative & we got a lot done. The down side was the 14 hours I spent in the Denver International Airport!!!! There was a big snowstorm on Wednesday / Thursday in that part of the country - there was 17" in Ft. Collins where we had the meetings and >24" in some parts around Denver - so flights from DIA were cancelled until the late morning on Thursday. Unfortunately, there are only 2 flights from DIA to GEG (Spokane) by United (the airline of choice for this day for me from the govt ticketing agency); one in morning and one at 8:41 PM. So, there I was waiting since finding out the flight has been cancelled until the evening flight, which was then delayed until 11:20 PM because of bad weather in other parts of the country where the flight crew was orginating. So, I finally got home at 2:15 AM Friday morning and then drove home arriving at 3:45 AM on Friday morning. Needless to say, I slept in until I woke at 10:00 Friday morning - I went into work to turn in my receipts & tell Jannis, our office manager, that I was not working that day. I went home to try to do some other work, but most of my weekend was spent trying to get over being so tired.
Rosevale: On Saturday I went to the last Farmer's Market of the season to get some eggs, another chicken & some squash. I got some groceries we needed and then came home to try to do some housework, but wasn't too successful at that. On Sunday "the Postman" cleaned up the leaves that had blown in from other parts and helped me dig the grass out of my bulb beds - I'll plant back the bulbs that were uprooted next weekend.
tales of drM: Home from B.I.C. ( meetings - see above. Am setting up for more testing & some new plantings.
PO patter: "tP" survived the week by himself, but he feels that it is highly unfair that there is not someone making meals & baking cookies anyway, LOL. He's getting ready to start delivering mail in the dark of the "non-daylight savings" time of the afternoons now. He has an LED light that he can attach to his hat so he can see the addresses.
hobbies, hobbies: During that 14 hour interlude at DIA I got almost all of the body of the FLS (February Ladies Sweater: finished & last night I did get to cast-off the body while I watched "tP" & his friends bowl in their Sunday league. I plan to put the sleeve stitches on a couple of sets of dpns and get them done soon. I have decided to make the sleeves a bit thinner as I'm not really fond of the way the wider sleeves look. I want to get back to some of my other hobbies, too, this winter; so am trying to re-arrange my craft room for such activities.
Additionally, we are getting into the holiday frame of mind and trying to figure what gifts we wish to give to our family.

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