Wednesday, November 04, 2009

FLS Progress - thanks to weather & airport delays

Just a short entry to show the progress I made on the FLS while at DIA for my 14 hour stint - see below blog entry. - I was ~ 1" below underarms when I started the marathon FLS knitting.

The weather here on the Palouse has been quite moderate, just getting down to around freezing at night, but generally sunny & cool during the day-time, not bad for autumn out on the prairie. We're planning to spray the trees in the orchard with dormant oil spray (for buggies hiding in bark) & later the apples with copper for some attempt at fireblight control - we'll get a hoepfully more resistant variety to replace the one that went to the big woodpile in the sky.

Working on what activities to engage during the holiday season - we plan to enjoy as much as we can; after all, what is life for anyway, LOL???

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Gnat said...'s coming along nicely! I love my FLS! it's a great pattern!

drMolly, the BeanQueen