Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog 365 ??

I have been intrigued by this idea - I just don't have time for the Photo 365 part - but thought that I would give this a try.
November 10, 2009: to begin; tomorrow is our anniversary - 'the Postman' & I will have had 16 years of married life together. My goodness, time does fly. I was brought to a greater understanding of this fact when a young woman to whom I was speaking about this gave me a REALLY great explanation (I think she told me it came from a gramma or someone) - to whit: think about it this way; when you are 4 years old a year is a WHOLE quarter of your life - no wonder it is so L - O - N - G !! - but when you are 60 the year is only one-sixtieth of your life - and again, no wonder it is so short !!
A rainy day here on the Palouse - just as autumn often is here. I do like fall, though, so am satisfied with life.
I will make my regular lengthy blog-post in parts once during the week.

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