Friday, October 02, 2009

It's raining

OK, then, autumn has begun in earnest - the cold rain is here.
Rosevale: On Wednesday night it got down to 22 F - that means it's time to get those tomatoes out of their plastic house & into the cardboard boxes in the garage so they can ripen up and be made into sauce or juice or.......something 'tomatoey'. I'm going to put the small plastic house on the lettuce & see how long I'll be able to get fresh-from-the-garden salad fixin's. We'll pick the last apples and whatever berries survived the freeze. We also plan to finish the garden bed and put the compost piles to sleep for the winter (that will involve turning them all over & adding some 'compost starter bugs' while doing so.
tales of drM: I got 987 new accessions in the mail from CIAT - they will be a backup for the CIAT CORE collection. That is a whole lotta beans! We will start to increase them this winter cycle, but it's going to take a while to get them all done. Add this to our other jobs & we are "way full up" on work.
PO patter: just more & more overtime goin' on here. There is supposed to be a route study for "tP" to maybe see if there is some areas that can be adjusted so he will be able to get it all done in less time. We're hoping it will help - I mean, overtime is nice in the $$ department, but there is a limit, for heaven's sake!
hobbies, hobbies: Not much progress here, but I did get more done on the vest. It is difficult figuring out just how to do all of the flat-to-round conversions. Here are a couple of photos: the progress & the armhole steek.

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