Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Monday All

It was a busy weekend at home. After I was feeling better - stayed home from work on Friday due to sore throat & fever - I got some cleaning done in the house. On Saturday the work started in earnest!!
Rosevale: Still no really cold weather, so berries are busy making LOTS more of themselves for us to pick and eat or freeze. The tomatoes are trying to get ripe, there are some turning yellow-red. The carrots are just biding their time until I get them harvested. I picked the apples on the Dayton tree - there were not a lot of them, but they add to the store in the refrigerator & will be turned into various forms of goodness at a later time. We started to build the third garden bed; moved gravel from on top, cut out the weed barrier, dug up the compacted soil for better drainage after the bed is built, and cut up the "Trex" boards so they are the right size for building. Assembly will wait until this coming weekend - "the Postman's" long weekend.
tales of drM: finished, last week, my self-appraisal of the past FY & posted it to the boss, finished up the latest batch of BCMV testing & this morning started all new buffers for testing purposes. I will be trying, once again, to fit in all of the jobs I need to do - making a new "plan" - mayhap this time it will work.
"PO patter": more long hours, today I drove myself to work as he figured he would not get home until really late; lots of what are called "full coverages", ie. they have to put one of whatever form or paper it is in each box. He enjoyed his bowling league last night and is planning a road trip on "Sir Harley" for next weekend-I'll go along 'for the ride' as it were, LOL.
hobbies: Not much time for them this weekend with all the work around the house & yard. While "tP" was bowling, though, I did work on the textured vest and got to the part where I set up the steeks for the armholes. That was just about all I had time to do, due also to the fact that on Friday and part of Saturday I was not feeling well.
OK, new week, new start on the rest of our lives!

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