Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's looking like snow..........and tragedy in my knitting world

It got cold last night - forcast is for snow around 2000-3000 feet & we live at 2500', so it shall probably give us some soon.
Our supper was delightful, expensive, but SO good. And as I said to 'the Postman' last night, "well we only live once and what do we have money for anyway?" - He quite agreed, LOL!
My feet, however, are cold today - I shall have to go back to wearing heavier wool socks. Looks like there are more socks in my future.

Alas-alack, I have tried on the FLS to see how the sleeves looked as I was almost done with them - it REALLY is too small and although I could wear it with a light shirt, I decided I didn't want that sort of limitation & it shall enter the FROG POND to be resurrected as soon as I can get over the necessity of ripping it all out.

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