Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm "single" this weekend.................well, sort of

'the Postman' is off to visit his BF "carver" for a couple of days. He'll be back Sunday and we will get ready to go for a visit to my folks next week. He could not get the week of Thanksgiving off from work, so we'll have "our own" holiday with my kids & our grands when the 'turkey day' is here.
ANNOUNCEMENT: I bit the bullet & actually frogged the whole FLS last night. Plus, I re-cast on in a slightly larger size right away after I had balled up all of the yarn. I didn't wash & re-stretch the yarn to get out the kinks since I figured it really wouldn't matter anyway - for you purists I apologize!
I did a provisional cast-on to start so I could later remove the crocheted waste yarn & attach the collar I plan to put onto the sweater.
I'll try very hard to get my daily post in while I'm at mum & dad's, too.

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