Sunday, November 29, 2009

"Make do & Mend" - to quote Brenda from Cast-On,

so, today I will take you along on one of my passions, ie. make do & mend (see above).
"Long ago" when the collar of one's garment became worn & thin or 'holey', one "turned the collar".
I have a favorite blouse (no, I did not make it myself, but still..............) that has developed a worn place in the collar - worn through, in fact.
Picture of blouse:

Picture of worn area on the collar:

Now, I shall begin the process of turning a collar and I shall share the journey with all of you. For all you "urban homesteaders" and those who just want to do more with less it will be another lesson in ways to get the most out of your belongings.
Plus, I can "show-off" a bit of what I have learned in my life-time about serious "making do".

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itsjustmeghan said...

can't wait to see how you do it! i've never mended anything, just reused fabric other places. :)

drMolly, the BeanQueen