Thursday, January 21, 2010

a better day today

Although yesterday started nicely with my niece's visit, it rapidly deteriorated!
'tP' called me to tell me that for some reason his debit card was being refused - he had tried to pay for fuel at an outside pump (& although sometimes the card just won't work outside when one takes it inside the clerk has no trouble) and it was refused inside, too. Luckily he had a checkbook and they actually took a check. Following that incident he had to write a check at the counselor's office and at the veterinary to "spring" Luna after her booster shots.
He called the bank to find we were > $500 overdrawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He transferred over enough money from the savings account to cover the problem and called me.
Now, in our family, I am the "treasurer" as it were; I quickly "went on-line" and checked into the bank account to see what in the world was happening. To my awful chagrin I found monies transferred earlier in the week - for the check written for the truck repairs - were reversed! I had put money from the checking into the savings instead of the other-way round.
My entire day was "shot-to-hell"; I began to have anxiety attack and felt just awful. As soon as I was able to finish the lab work of the day, I called 'tP' and had him come to take me home.
Now, today I have to figure out how to straighten out the whole mess. My lunch hour will be used for that purpose and I shall have to do a very shortened walk.

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