Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day

and some of putting away Christmas, some cleaning around the house, some staying inside while it rains & snows out-of-doors (& it's cold, too).
I've baked bread & made cookies for 'tP' to have in his lunches. I'm in process of working on the craft-room organization once again - I got interrupted by Christmas.
What does one usually do on New Year's Day - that's right make some "resolutions" - well, I'm not one who does that as I know from experience that they generally "don't pan out". But, I thought I'd follow some other folks' lead & try making some fairly concrete plans, ie. goals, ideas how to gain the goal, & steps to take to get one on the pathway to completion. I believe I will make it an on-going proposal so I can add things when they might occur to me.
1) organization in the craft room so I can use what I have & so I can KNOW what I have, too!
a) sorting
b) logging - include some photos, too
c) de-cluttering - I know I have things that will not really be used, so why not gift
someone else with the nice things?

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