Friday, March 19, 2010

and Saturday is Spring!?!

It was 18 degrees F this morning - that's right 18! And it's supposed to be Spring on Saturday. Truly it has been nice & sunny each day, and is forcasted to be clear & nice on the weekend, but 18???
I have pruning to do and other outside work, so I'm hoping it warms quickly. I am postponing my weekly shopping until after church on Sunday and there is a fibery meeting of the Wool Gather'ers, too that day. So, Sunday will be full, but fun - I really like those fiber ladies!
Well, I just got an odd request from my #1 GS - he is going to meet his girlfriend's parents tomorrow and for some reason they do not want her to pick him up ?? - he doesn't have a license just yet - so he needs me to pick him up and bring him to my house. They live in next little town so I guess that is OK, but not into Colfax, strange, but whatever.
Since it's not too late tonight, after supper I'm gonna' knit!! or maybe spin some too :~)

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