Wednesday, June 02, 2010

And the rain is back - why am I not surprised

I am at work today - it is pouring down rain - did remember my raincoat!!!
I've been in the lab organizing and catching up on my e-mails, etc.
I did, however, last evening, start turning the SFS legs into socks - I find it easier for me to do the SFS socks this way. I don't have alot of time, and get discouraged at the length of time it takes me to make the socks. This way I do just the feet and get finished faster - I know, I know, LOL, it is doing less so it should take less time, but it's satifying to the soul to finish the socks for some GI over there!!
Today 'tP' had to go to the orthopedic physician to see more about his wrist - he's getting a gift certificate for us to give to the #1GS GF when she graduates on Saturday. It's just easier that way - it's hard to figure what teenagers want now, that's one of the things that DOES make one feel old - ack!!
The organization is still progressing - I am working on the fabric shelves right now.
On a sad note, we have decided that our older cat Fuzz is not just on a lengthy walk-about (he did take those) but has entered the afterlife. Unfortunately, we live where coyotes come down into town looking for snacks - we're not bitter about this, just sad, as all the animals have a right to get by - and he probably was someone's supper or breakfast. We looked everywhere, posted and asked at the local vet - no cat 'squished' on roads, nor sighted in any part of town or turned into vet. Thus, it's a loving goodbye to our "Fuzzers" and we shall miss him.

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