Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy Day

Had to take 'tP' to work this AM so we could use less fuel, so I got to shopping early, too. Went to the farmer's market, got fruit & veggies I don't grow or have ready yet; went to co-op and got rest of needed items and headed home. I then started on the inumerable list of chores around here.
Did some house cleaning, did some organizing in the craft room, skeined up the yarn I plied last night and soaked it, plus the usual "whacking" - it's drying right now. I got ~ 160 yds from the two bobbins plied and then with the leftovers from the first plying and this one (bobbins were not even) I got about 40 more yards. I'll post pictures tomorrow when it is all dry. It appears to be heavy fingering / DK weight. Not sure if I will have enough for a pair of socks; they'll have to be "shorties", I expect if I can get a pair from the yarn. Think ~340 yds of DK weight will make socks????
It make it over 100 today and was very muggy so quite uncomfortable. I just finished watering for tonight - have to wait until the sun goes down from the garden so I don't sun scald the veggies.

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