Sunday, July 11, 2010

A continuation of hot days

Although today was clear as opposed to yesterday that was muggy, cloudy and HOT, it was still HOT - with a high of 102 today!
I went out to the DD's to act in my capacity as consulting "engineer" on the chicken house project. I've drawn up plans and we scouted out the used lumber - removing lots of nails in the process - for the work. I'll go next weekend so we can start the construction. My house will be built in modular form, so I can haul the parts home & assemble them here. Their chicken house will be done on site and we will design a hawk-proof, coyote-proof, dog-prooof enclosure that also keeps them in the pen and not flying around roosting in trees or on top of barns.
I got more done on the craft room organization - there is beginning to be some actual room in there after all, LOL.
'tP' was able to spray for weeds this AM as there was no wind for once. He then took his visiting friend for a ride up to the mountains, while I prepared the strawberries picked the other day for the freezer - I got 3 Qts of berries! They will be so nice this winter, either as jam of as fruit for dessert.
We picked more strawberries and I cut spinach this evening.
I also got all of the plied, skeined yarn made into center-pull balls; there is ~340 yds of heavy fingering / DK weight yarn, it has 14 wraps per inch and was spun from 6 oz. of roving. REALLY handmade socks here we come!

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