Thursday, July 08, 2010

A hot-hot one already

I watered the garden heavily last night, moved my little flower starts to a shady place - they are almost big enough to transplant - and ran the soaker hoses on the berries, too.
Speaking of berries, I need to pick the strawberries again - this time I shall put some in the freezer, too - and we shall have shortcake again!
I got 6 qts. of cherries canned and we are eating the remainder fresh. We LOVE this time of year, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, just plain GOOD food to eat - and the operative word here is plain, you just don't need any "fancies" on good fresh fruits & veggies.
Good news on the "gramma" front, aka my mum; she is feeling better and adjusting slowly to her new diet - the one for the purpose of relieving symptoms in her digestive tract - AND the pain is gone, too.
'tP' is still recovering from the late night at the fourth of July celebrations - his schedule was disturbed enough that he lost sleep for a couple of nights and was so tired - dare I say crabby, too??
Life goes on out here on the Palouse Prairie!
I absolutely had to share - one of the bowls of strawberries I picked tonight - needless to say we had strawbery shortcake!!
And, I almost forgot; I put my yarn in water and hung it out so I could set the twist & maybe improve its appearance

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