Monday, July 19, 2010

This evening I am driving home the new pickup

for the Phaseolus Project at work - we finally got to replace our 1991 Chevrolet 2 wheel drive standard bed/crew cab with a lovely new 2010 Ford 4 wheel drive standard bed/crew cab! The poor old brown bomber was on it's last legs - I have recounted its adventures in an earlier blog. I tried several times to get one of the "freebies" that have been put into the pool by other sites, but was never able to score. My boss worked out a way to get one from GSA through our (greatly reduced) budget - he is a master at figuring where to get extra money. It was ordered last spring and came in last week. I shall pick it up tonight and drive it into work tomorrow - my home is on the way back to Pullman from Lewiston, so can do this all legally and such.

I plan to pick some more spinach tonight and try to freeze up what I've already picked, too. I started the test on the beans today and will know tomorrow if they have virus. At the suggestion of my technician I will bring in the seed and we will grow some & test them, too. I have never had a problem in my home gardening before, so this is a new experience for me.
I'm trying to work on the craft room, too, as well as do the TdF spinning - just not enough time in the day.

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