Sunday, November 20, 2011

Even when I don't have to go work.................

I wake up at the early time. I'm not usually one for 'sleeping in' anyway, but one would think that another hour would be possible, but NO. Automatically, it seems, at 4:30 AM I wake up no matter what the day - UGH! Even though I know I need some more rest it is out of the question as once I'm awake, I'm no longer able to go back to sleep - unless I'm ill, and God forbid that occurs as I've had enough of that!
It looks as if the snow season is here to stay now as it is not getting warm enough during the day to melt it all. I have a mystery to solve, though; the birds have not returned to the feeders. I'm not sure if it is because I did not get them out right away as the weather turned cold or what. I will try spreading some seed on top of the snow so that they may see it and return - hopefully before new snowfall covers it again. Last year there were lots of birds, finches, sparrows, chick-a-dees, snow birds and assorted other "come in once in a while" fellows. I miss them.
We got quite a shock yesterday in the mail - AVISTA, the local power company, sent a notice that our billing would go up $48 per month! Ouch!!! & I'm not sure how our power use habits can have changed that much over the period since the last notice. We have the thermostats pretty low (& we have one of the programmable ones), I do the laundry most times in cold water (use hotter once a month to keep the washer 'gunk-free'), I hang the laundry to dry (even in the winter when it is a "P-i-t-B" to have wet clothing hung all over my office, as that is where my racks stay), and we try to conserve everywhere else, too.
I still have not gotten the curtains for Ted's cage done & the poor guy is getting cold I'm afraid. I shall at least begin them today if not get part-way done!!!

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Kathy said...

Now -- who is Ted?

Too bad about your Avista bill. It's a concern for all of us. We, too, try to follow conservative energy practices. I confess that I could take a shorter shower.

drMolly, the BeanQueen