Friday, November 04, 2011

I'm back!

just in time for the snow to begin.
The heated bunny water bottle came right before I left, so I set up both it and the water pan for the chickens, giving 'tP' directions to "make sure" that they both had water in them at all times to keep them from burning out since it was not freezing every night yet. So far, so good.
I still have to finish the "bunny curtains' for Teddy so he will be warmer when the real cold comes along.
It is rain mixed with snow today while I am at work filing reports and catching up on needed work. I got in some seed from 2 sources and need to make a day-length neutral order for my tech, plus make sure I have all of the needed requests from the meeting listed in my "to-do" pile.
'Peter Prius' is in the auto-body shop getting his "body-work by deer" repaired and we have a rental car - that we really don't like & can't wait to have our own car back!
The critters are all doing OK - & we're getting lots of eggs for now. All of the garden was put to bed before I left, so just the final processing of the harvest to do. I have to pick the ripe tomatoes off the vines I hung in the garage & make some tomato sauce/paste from them, turn the apples into sauce or pie apples and make an end-of-harvest inventory of the freezer and pantry to make sure I use the older entries before they lose their prime. Then I can get going on holiday gifts and some other indoor projects.
It seems my calendar is ALWAYS full :~).

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