Monday, December 19, 2011

"almost Christmas"

We started a new family tradition at our house last night.
"almost Christmas" will be a gathering at "gram & gramps' house" on the weekend before Christmas. We will exchange gifts, have chips & dip (honoring the tradition of my family's Christmas Eve tradition), & decorate cookies with children, grand-children (and when they show up in the future, great-grandchildren). This will allow everyone to have the option of celebrating the holiday itself at their own home or with other relatives-if they so choose-without the stress of having to decide 'where shall we "have to" go this year?' and give us the chance to have a wonderful time with our family.It was so nice to have our daughter, our #2 grandson, our #1 grandson & GF with us.

We had fun watching the gift sharing & opening, plus we got a few of our own. My 'almost grand-daughter' had made me a cute fabric bear with her sewing skills - the #1 was quick to point out to me that "she did this by herself" on the little sewing machine she had purchased recently. ( I think he wanted me to appreciate her effort due to the fact that I am a sewist and they often come to me for repairs & advice, LOL)

Then the #1 spent a good deal of time helping gramps to learn how to use his new smart phone - one of the gifts 'tP' wanted this year; the other being his new bowling ball.
Anyway, we all agreed that this would become a tradition for us for the Christmas holiday season.

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