Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have you ever had "one of those days"?

Today was mine - let me count the ways.................
#1 Intending to leave work early to get some dog food, chicken food, rabbit food, & cat food (how did they all run out at the same time????) I was going to drop off 'tP' at the PO and take myself to work. Upon his getting out & heading for the PO employee door - which is enterd by a keypad - I went around, got into the car & realized I had no key! In fact I had no purse - having left it hanging on the closet door at home - meaning no keys, no money to purchase afore-mentioned feeds, and especially no phone with which to call the DH & have him let me use his keys so I could drive back home to get the handbag. I had to wait until another employee arrived so he could let 'tP' know to come out & see me.

#2 Driving all the way back home to get the handbag & then all the way back to the job - wasting both time & fuel - to allow me to get started late on my work.

#3 'tP' calling me about an hour before I was to pick him up from work to tell me that the PO had "mandated" him to work on his days off so we would not get to go to my folks for Christmas after all. I had just received from the DD her gift to her grandparents since she would be unable to go herself - now have to figure how to send it and it is not really "sendable", plus it will arrive late. And one of our gifts was some Cougar Gold cheese for my dad (requires refrigeration, so not sure how to ship that either). I'll now have to figure how to send the gifts, plus my "quilt of the year" was going to my nephew, via his grandparents, & I'll have to ship that also!

Surely it had to end..................but oh no!!!!
#4 I dropped off 'tP' at the bowling alley as we did not have time to get to the feed store and get him back in time for bowling - WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE HAPPENS??? As I am pulling up to the exit area of the Zeppoz parking lot - it has a light at the intersection as it a route to the local Walmart - a gentleman (driving his son-in-law's SUV, as I later learned) discovering he has exited the parking lot in the entrance lane decides to back up and get into the right lane. I had already entered the exit lane by this time and before I realized what he was doing and could back myself out of the way (I was not quick enough on the uptake, I guess), he backs into the driver's door of our Prius. Luckily, no injuries and he was going slow so the door was not crumpled enough to stop it from opening. I call the DH out from the bowling alley to tell him what happened and he comes out while I am getting the information from the driver. He asks if I'm OK, I tell him I am, and he goes back to bowl, telling me he'd be done about 9 and to come by then to pick him up.
And, then

#5 What did I forget to do????????? Go & get the feed, of course.

I'm afraid to do anything tonight - who knows what might happen????????????


Kathy said...

Some days are like that. I know it's a disappointment that you had to cancel holiday plans. And I'm sorry about your car, too. As upsetting as bad days are, we never know from what we have been protected. Perhaps there were untold blessings in such a day. May your Christmas be peaceful and comforting.

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

Thank you Kathy

drMolly, the BeanQueen