Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to work today

but it is so quiet here - all of the University staff have a mandatory week off (budget troubles, as usual) and most of the "feddies" are on holiday, too.
Everything seems to be holding together, though, in the greenhouses and in the office. Not much for me to do, but some notes & some transplanting. I may need to take some tissue samples, too, for the virus testing. So, you see there is not a lack of work, either.
I seem to have the winter blues when it comes to getting anything done around home in the crafty area. I keep the house up, but then I just feel like I want to sit snuggled up to my heating pad & hot water bottle & read. - "a hibernating bear", LOL.
I do hope to get inspired to make some loosely structured 2012 goals - I just don't make hard & fast ones as it never, never, never works. If I aim myself at some goals I find much better success.

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