Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rainy winter day

here on the Palouse. The day is grey and cold, too.

I picked up the varigated pink sweater and began the steek to turn it into the cardigan. I did not do a good job of planning when I began this sweater and really had never steeked anything.

(The vest I made & steeked was done after I started the sweater.)
Unknowingly, I did not add enough stitches for the steek. Therefore I had to put the reinforcing stitches just 2 stitches apart. This made it difficult when I was cutting the steek. But as happened I had only one problem; apparently I missed one stitch when I did the reinforcement as an end appeared to be loose. I secured it with a tiny bit of thread and plan to cover it with the grosgrain ribbon, so it should be OK.

I picked up the stitches on each side and began the button side of the button bands. I want to figure how many buttons to put on the cardi before I make the buttonhole band.

This will be the last of my UFOs in the knitting area. The others (just 2) will be frogged and turned into some other project. I just need to put a button on the lavendar lace sweater & it shall be complete, too.

The SFS socks are all done, washed & dried, too. I have to find the label & the darning yarn, then send it off.

The "Mother Bear Project" bear just needs a face & stuffing and she will be ready to be sent, too.

It will be good to start 2012 with no UFOs (in one area anyway).

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