Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am at work & there is no one else here. 'tP' had yesterday off from work, he brought me in as our car is at the auto-body shop (remember the guy who backed into me), then came to get me early as we were worried we might not get home again due to road closing or some such nonsense.
To-whit, I did not get the e-mail saying that the campus and our offices would be closed today due to inclement weather.

It snowed & we had freezing rain last night so roads were ice-covered this AM. We just left earlier as we knew it would take us longer to get here and as you may know, the PO doesn't recognize bad weather or bad roads as a reason not to be present at work, ie. 'tP' had to be at work.It is still snowing, but is mixed with a lot of rain and it is above freezing, so it's just really sloppy and slippery, too. at work, ie. 'tP' had to be there.

I'm working in the GH, sampling & other stuff. We shall see if tomorrow more can be done.

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