Monday, January 23, 2012

Looks lovely today

so far - sun is shining, temperature above freezing, a good way to start the week. I hope it remains that way.
Last night I figured out how many stitches to cast on for my dad's new sweater. I am using the top-down raglan by Stephanie Japel and doing the steek to make it into a cardigan. I had to determine the number by extrapolating from the one I am doing for myself and the measurements from my dad that my mum sent to me. I hope it will be a good fit, but I do have some lee-way as he likes the sweater a bit loose.
I am still plugging away at the Citron and am planning to sew on the #2GS's shirt tonight as well as deal with a whole box of green peppers!
You will not believe how we ended up with them. During the bad weather we drove the 4X4 to work, 'tP' was taking me up one of the hills at the U. to go to my office. We were following a produce delivery truck on its way, we supposed, to one of the dormitory cafeterias. It hit a really bumpy part of the hill and as it bounced it's way up the back door, not tightly latched it appeared, came open and a box bounced out. We stopped so we could remove it from the road and tried to follow the delivery truck. During the time it took us to pick up the box it vanished. So, 'tP' took the box to work, called the produce company and told them we had the box. He was told someone would come to get it, but that did not happen. We now have a WHOLE box of green peppers. I will freeze some , dry some, and we will try to give a whole lot of them to our neighbors.

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Kathy said...

Great! You did everything you could to return the peppers and now they're yours with no sense of guilt. Obviously it wasn't worth it to the company and/or the driver to pursue the matter. Fun to hear about your dad's sweater.

drMolly, the BeanQueen