Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lots of snow gone, but............

it froze quite hard last night and there is now ice on top of the snow remaining, and all over the places where it had melted. Treacherous if one is not careful. My hens don't like it - they want out of the house, but when they go out there is ice all over in their enclosure making it difficult (& cold on the bare feet, too, I'm sure) to perambulate.
I am doing a jam marathon today. I try to keep an eye on my feezer contents and when things start getting a little out of date (as it were) I want to use them right away for something before they lose all of their quality. For veggies & meat it is soup stock, and for fruit it means making jam. I made blackberry, strawberry, blackberry-pear, and apricot jam. It makes one feel so very domestic, LOL.
Yesterday I cut out a shirt to make for the #2 GS. I re-purposed a man's cotton shirt that I bought from one of the local thrift stores. I think it takes longer to take apart the old shirt and get it pressed and ready to cut than it does to cut out & make the new shirt for the GS. I removed the buttons & will use them in the "new" shirt, too. I'm glad the #2 will still wear things that I make and it helps his mom, too by saving her some money in the clothes area.

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