Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Our new year is just being a lamb so far.

What beautiful weather (oh I know, we will pay next summer) we are having here on the Palouse; sunny, unseasonably warm days & nights, too, seems to be the description of weather right now!
I do worry a bit about the garden & the fruit trees. They could get damaged if it suddenly goes back to our usual COLD.
We had a wonderful visit with my folks when we did our NewYear trip. Their health is a bit precarious, but they are doing their best to beat the 'blues' and the downturns. I am proud of them for their good spirits. We had a visit with one of our neices and my #1 brother. Some of the other relations who are within travel distance were suffering some ailments that deterred them from travelling, so we were thankful for those we did see. Here is a photo of mom & dad & myself taken by 'tP'.

I got some major progress on my personal 2011 UFO challenge before we came home. The second bear for 'the MBP' was finished - and I recruited my mom & my #2 sister to make bears!
Patch Bear & Bonnie the Ballerina Bear:

I put the buttonhole side of the button bands on the "pink steeked sweater" and now all that is left is the grosgrain ribbon reinforcements and the buttons (I have to buy both ribbon & buttons-can you believe that I did not have enough buttons to go with a pink sweater in my button stash?). Then I will have finished my knit UFO's and will focus on the sewing & quilting UFO's in 2012.
Oh don't get me wrong there will be startitis in the knitting department, LOL. But my primary focus will be again to reduce the amount of UFO's and to try to "work from the bins".

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Kathy said...

Reduce the UFOs -- Amen! I'm with you there . . . and this morning I find the unfinished sock doll calling me. Thanks for posting the photo of you with your folks. I think it's wonderful that you recruited your mother and sister to make bears.

drMolly, the BeanQueen