Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's cold, I'm cold

hmmmmmmmmm sense a theme here?
For some reason the damp cold is getting to me; my feet are cold and my hands are cold. I was going to do some sewing tonight while 'tP' is off bowling, but not sure I want to sit still at the machine as it is in front of a window and at night it seems colder there.
We had a good Saturday with the #2 GS here. He really liked the shirt and wanted to wear it to the wedding reception he & his mom were attending today. I got him a white undershirt so it would be warmer to wear because it is really a summer shirt.
We made lemon poppyseed muffins - they turned out well, very tasty. He did some sewing on his quilt blocks and generally had a good time here.
I went out and uncovered my onions & fabas that I had tried to protect from the cold. Not sure if anything survived as I could find only a couple of little onion plants. I guess we'll see once it gets warmer, but I was afraid that since it was a bit warmer that they might try to grow and being covered with straw & such would not be good.
Maybe I'll just snuggle with a quilt & my heating pad and do some knitting.

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