Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Another day

It is back to being cloudy, cold, & damp here on the Palouse Prarie. Rather depressing; it acts like it may be spring, is supposed to be winter & it just generally rotters outdoors.

We had our annual Food, Facts, & Fun Fest at work today. Our department gets together and shares with everyone in the Project what we've done during the last year. This will have been my last as I will retire before the next one in 2013. I mostly shared what we had done & how I plan to tie things all together before I leave - hopefully whomever comes in to the job after me will not have such a difficult entry (I'm hoping my technician gets the job, but one never knows).

I received a WONDERFUL compliment from one of the young women who works along with all of us - she told me she would miss me a lot and "wanted to grow up to be a grandma just like Molly". She is a great mom - having 4 children in her blended family & I feel does a really good job at it. I shall miss the crew like her, but just not all the "politics".

Here's a photo of the beginning of my dad's new sweater.

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