Monday, February 06, 2012

More beautiful weather here on the Palouse

So, this weekend I got some things done outside, ie. I cleaned the chicken house, LOL.

'tP' & I have no interest in football, so we did not "do the Stuper-oops Super Bowl" at all. In fact the only way we knew who had won it was, a) someone at the gym told him while he was there working out, and b) my DD-who is a fan-called me about something else & during the conversation told me.

I also got a second egg customer! through an unusual venue. I stopped at one of the local thrift stores - this one dedicated to helping people with animal things, ie. spaying or mayhap food for the critters - and one of the ladies there asked me about my animals. I told about all of our critters and mentioned the chickens & my abundance of eggs. She asked if she could become a customer & of course, I said yes. I can drop off the eggs when she is working at the thrift shop as it is not out of the way when we go home - winners all the way 'round. Oh, by the way, I also found a nice platter there to replace the one that apparently got hit by something in the dishwasher as it came out with a BIG chip from the edge.

The shirt for the #2GS is all done but buttons & buttonholes - I hope to get those done this evening if we are not home too late. Then I need to put the buttonholes in the ribbon for the buttonhole band of the pink variagated sweater as long as I have the machine set up to do buttonholes. I have a nice attachment that does the hole size as one sets it up to do so, making them all nice & evenly the same size. I am slowly working on the dad sweater, the Citron, & the MBP bear #1-2012.

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