Thursday, February 02, 2012

So Phil has seen his shadow

& we will have 6 more weeks of winter - did we get winter this year????
Ah well, what will be, will be & there is not much us earthlings can do about that.
Another late day yesterday, so not much accomplished at home. At work most time was spent in GH & lab, but progress made there, so a mostly positive day.
I got the second sleeve set into the #2's shirt - it is taking some time due to shortage thereof in the free-time department, but it will get done before he grows out of it. I did find some patterns for boys his age on a vintage pattern site, so now will not have to do so much "formatting" my own patterns for boys older than toddlers.
In the other crafty areas (and "other" areas as well) I am working on my next bear for the MBP, my dad's sweater, & the Citron - all with a small bit of progress. I got a bit of ironing done, ordered some orchard bees for next spring and actually got to bed at a reasonable time last night. It's too bad I did not get a really restful night, tho'; I'm still not sure why some are good and some are not.


Kathy said...

That seems to be the way it is - some nights are good and some aren't. I just read an article about that -- can't remember where. Maybe Parade magazine. Sound like things are moving along. It's important not to be stressed.

Meghan Welsh said...

I vote "no" for any groundhogs who see their shadows. :)

drMolly, the BeanQueen