Saturday, March 17, 2012

Oh for heaven's sake..............

I forgot to prune my fruit trees last month! And now since it has warmed so quickly the trees already have buds swelling & I can't do it. There is going to be a mess of branches later on this summer, making it hard to get to the fruit - which I am hoping will put in a better showing than last year.

I planted a few beets & a bit of chard in the little hoop house.

I also made some planting boxes from recycled milk cartons. This will be for "chicken grass". The cartons are cut along one side leaving a stabilizing strip in the middle of the carton - I used a box knife, but if you did not have one I'm sure scissors would work, just a bit more 'fiddley'. Then I filled them with potting soil, sprinkled grass seed on top of the soil & gently mixed the seed with the top portion of the soil.

I put them in the hoop house next to where I'd planted the beets & chard, then sprinkled them with water and closed up the hoop house. I'll check every couple of days to make sure they have enough water. The chickens should have some "grazing grass" for a treat until I can get the chicken tractor built.


Kathy said...

The pruning and dormant spray activity is problematic for us because we aren't at the farm during the winter months. Last year our daughter pruned the old pear tree in the fall. I'm sure it wasn't right, but it survived and is now much improved.

Hallie said...

What could be the difference between pruning in December and pruning in February?

drMolly, the BeanQueen