Thursday, March 15, 2012

I believe in PT, I believe in PT, I bel......................

well, I really do. It's just that it does make one hurt before it gets better. I am having PT for my hip so hopefully I can get better range of motion and to relieve some of the pain. I do not want to have hip or knee surgery until I absolutely have to have them done!

It's rainy & cold here. The wind is up some, too. Yesterday we came home to find the wind had blown the plastic from my soil warming hoop-house. When I was out "doing the chores" I had to get it back on and place the weights around it again. I had thought they would be heavy enough, but quite obviously not. I will get some of the beets & chard planted this weekend in there; maybe some kale & kohlrabi, too.

I'm putting the sleeves onto the #2's new shirt - this time a long sleeve one. I got that Citron off the needles, now just blocking to go & it will be done. The socks & the dad sweater show a bit of progress and I've had to rip out the Travelling Woman shawl twice now because I've made mistakes (& it is in the stockinette part! for heaven sake). Maybe there is some sort of problem with my concentration or such? Here's a photo of the TW yarn.

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Kathy said...

Oh, THAT PT. I thought maybe you were discussing a problematic relative. Hang in there! I haven't planted anything yet, though I've been thinking about spinach. Have not had much experience with chard, kale, and such.

drMolly, the BeanQueen