Monday, March 12, 2012

A busy weekend

but I forgot to take some pictures. We had the #2 GS for a visit. I picked him up on Saturday after I was done shopping (as one might imagine he does not like to shop with gramma - even if it is just for groceries), he stayed overnight, and grampa took him back when he went bowling on Sunday.
We sewed on his quilt; he made cupcakes with gramma - he decorated the frosting, too; and he played Scrabble & Yatzee with grampa, as well as played outside with the dogs and gathered the eggs from the chicken coop.
Since the weather was not too nice he spent most of the time inside. It is wonderful to have visits from the grands, but just as nice to know that they are going home after a reasonable time, too.
I got a bit more done on my entry into the Palouse Patchers Quilt Show Color Challenge; I now have all of the English paper-pieced hexagon blocks done, arranged on the background, have made some leaves tht I will applique onto the quilt to give the design some depth and decided on the quilting pattern. The next step is to put the "hexies" onto the background. I'm going to use some stabilizer on the back and attach them using machine embroidery thread and a buttonhole stitch with my machine doing the hard work. I'll put the leaves in after so I can make sure there won't be any gaps between them and the hexagons. I made the leaves so they can rest right next to the "hexies" and not add any bulk to the top. They will be attached by embroidering the leaf veins, but not at the edge; thus adding the the depth. It has been a bit since I have done much quilting so I'm excited to get to work on it.

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