Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 days of over 60 degrees???

Well, yesterday was great and today forecast for over 60 also - we shall see.  'tP' & I rode the Harley to work this morning.  He rode yesterday, too, but I had to go to PT so drove the Prius. 
Of course, by Wednesday it is supposed to be back to "crap" weather. 
I finished up the Color Challenge, and made a label, just need to sew it on the back.  Then on to that flowerpot quilt wall-hanging.  I may have a serious problem with the Viking (Husquvarna) machine though.  When I was changing from the walking foot to the 1/4" foot to attach the facing pieces I became aware that the screw was not going in correctly.  My DD was  at the house (after our Easter supper with family) and got right down next to the machine & peered into the hole using a very bright LED light.  She told me it looked as if the threads in the foot lifter rod were slightly 'mashed'.  She used one of the foot screws and gently screwed until the foot holder part was firmly attched (that machine has pop-off / pop-on feet) so I could put on the 1/4" foot.  I do not know what will happen when I try to remove the screw again.  I had planned to take the machine for its annual tune-up after I was finished with the show quilts.  Now I shall most likely have to pay "big bucks" to have it repaired - God willing it CAN be repaired - as well as the tune-up. 
Last evening after doing the 'farm chores' I was looking at the fruit trees and see the buds are finally swelling.  I'll have to keep a close eye out for the time to release my pollinator bees.  I finally have beets & chard coming up in the hoop house and some carrots, too.  I'm going to start my tomatoes, etc. & hope for the best.


Hallie said...

Hi Dr. Molly! Oh my...I think I've learned a new fact about you today. You have bees???! We just watched the documentary, The Vanishing of the Bees, and it was so interesting! I had never known that bee keepers ship their hives all across the U.S. for pollination services. So cool that you have your own bees. How many hives do you tend? Do you also harvest honey?

Kathy said...

Are you going to start your tomatoes in the house? I used to do that some, but now I don't have a nice sunny spot. I haven't planted any veggies outside yet either.

Isn't that the way?! Just when you think you're set to move ahead, there's some problem with the equipment. Seems like it's always something.

drMolly, the BeanQueen