Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Don't you just LOVE it when something breaks &

you have to wait at home for the repair person?  Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the fact that one CAN call a decent repair person and get service "out here in the boondocks" - if 15 miles from the quad cities is the boondocks. 
But, I have to take a day from work to be home to let the worker into my home and etc., etc.  And, of course, it's not something that can wait, for heavens sake, the sump pump stopped working and we live in a low-lying area and what with all of this rain we DO NOT need our sump pump to fail right now!  So here I am at home waiting. 

I've worked a bit out in the garden - in between rain/snow showers - to plant some onion plants we received yesterday. 

After this entry I am going to do some ironing and some other household chores - may as well, I'm here, right?

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