Thursday, May 10, 2012

needing a new post - always out of time

I know, I know, my usual mantra.  But, it is true and how I wish it were not.  Last weekend + 1 day 'tP' & I spent some "quality time" cleaning and repairing a mobile home we had purchased so a long-time "friend" of his had a home to live in.  A bad decision on our part (purchasing the MH, not cleaning it) as the "friend" turned out to be no such thing (even after 50 years of said "friendship").  We were "taken to the cleaners" ourselves in this deal.  We have found a buyer for the MH, luckily, and were getting it ready for the sale.  What a way to spend that lovely weekend!  Never mind the hurt that my wonderful DH felt about the betrayal. 
OK, we've pretty much figured out that life goes on and we will get on with ours, too.

Other areas:  garden is slowly coming along - as I skirt one weather disaster after another around here!.  I have beets, carrots, onion, spinach, kale, kohlrabi, peas and fava beans in.  The ground is going to be readied for the potatoes to be planted this weekend.  Tomato plants are started and the Farmer's Market is open so there will be access to others if desired.  I got some fresh aspargus both from the market and from our "wild"asparagus patch, too.  Mmmmmmmm good!
The fruit trees continue to bloom; I hope there has been enough nice weather to encourage pollinators and warm enough nights to prevent the pollen from being killed by the cold.  The results won't be known until later this spring/summer.

Hobbies are taking a back seat to all of the other work, but I get in a little bit now & then.

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Kathy said...

I was just saying yesterday that what we do by way of outreach to our fellow man blesses us even though the return may not be obvious. So, cut yourselves some slack. You did what seemed right at the time. At least you still had the motor home so that you could sell it. May you be blessed for your kind efforts to help another.

drMolly, the BeanQueen