Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving right along

well, slowly, but moving. 
I've also begun my "spring cleaning" - OK, I know that spring has been here a while, but things that need to get done have to fit into my schedule.  It will certainly be different when I am finally retired - I expect there will be an alteration in how I arrange to get things done.  I like order in my life and since one often has little or no control over the happenings in one's life, I often feel frustrated by what is going on around me.  I try very hard not to let that "get to me" - no sense in that you know; raises one's blood pressure.  And I fully intend to enjoy a long-long life.

It has been cold and rainy now for a while.  That has interfered with the progress on the garden.  We do plan to get the potatoes into the ground this weekend regardless.  It is 'high time', too, plus I have to finish the ersatz greenhouse for the tomatoes I started and the couple of eggplants that I purchased - they are getting way to large for their little pots & we DO want to get some fruit.

As I came in from feeding "the farm" this AM I noticed that we would most likely have a bumper crop of pie cherries if they stick on the tree.  I told 'tP' we'd better get that net up now so we don't disturb them anymore than necessary-another job for the weekend. 

It's a good thing it is a long one!  Enjoy the holiday (those of us who live in the U.S.) and on Monday thank a veteran and remember & honor all the loved ones who have passed.

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