Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Organization and me

As a result of my brain injury (1991) my memory has been affected for all that time, but now it seems that my age is adding to that old problem - a REAL bummer let me tell you! 
After being frustrated for the umpteenth time by thinking I had something for one of my crafts, but not having the faintest idea where I had stored it I determined that I was going to ORGANIZE the whole 'damn thing'-the craft area that is. 
Previously I had taken a photo, written a description of my yarns & fibers and used it when I wanted to "shop" my stash to make something.  It worked wonderfully!!
So now I am embarking on the inventory of all inventories.  I'll have pictures & descriptions of all the things in my craft room.  Then maybe I'll go on to the whole house - for insurance purposes they do recommend that I think.

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