Thursday, June 14, 2012

more apologies

I am just not "getting with it" here.  It seems that I am running out of time  to do much of anything but the absolute necessities.  
Although 'tP' & I have managed to get the fruit covered to protect it from the birds and I've gotten the whole garden planted not much else is being accomplished.  No time for blogging, no time for listening to podcasts, and not time for hobbies.  We're lucky if we get a bit of time before bed to read & that is all we feel like doing anyway.
Hmmmmmmmmm  something needs to be changed I think.  
I started walking for more time today; maybe that will give me back a bit of energy.  Exercise is supposed to help and apparently the walking I do is just not enough exercise.  I should have guessed that as I'm not being too successful in reducing the extra poundage that is bugging me.  OK, that means a better or perhaps more structured regime' - correct?  
Ideas need to be explored, I expect.

And now, I need to begin getting ready to go to Mexico for the Phaseomics Meeting.  I got my official passport yesterday and "it's a GO!"

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