Sunday, July 01, 2012

A really busy weekend

Saturday was the #2 GS 9th birthday - mom & dad took him & friends to the water park in Moscow for fun and a picnic.  Then mom & dad, big brother & GF, plus the big 'D' came to grandma & grandpa's for cake, ice cream & opening gifts.  All-in-all a fun time with our familes.

Today we picked berries, emptied recycle, and got our RV out of storage.  We then proceeded to begin to get it cleaned up so we can put it up for sale.  We have purchased a larger trailer for our retirement years. 
The 'old' 19 footer served us well, but we plan on doing A LOT more camping in the future and wanted a bit more room.  We now have 26 feet! with a slide-out, too.  anticipation!!!!

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